Get Paid

Required Plugin

  • FluentCRM
  • Invoicing
  • WP Perks GeoDirectory Publisher

Basic Setup

  • Install all plugin required, setup publisher subscriptions

  • Install plugin wpapps get paid
  • Add list on contact in fluentCRM

Go to contact - click list on dropdown - click button create list - add list according publisher that you created

  • Create new automations for get paid 

Go to automations - Create a New Automation - add according your subscriptions - click continue for the next step

  • Choose item invoicing according to the publisher - click save settings

  • Then on workflow automations you must setup to remove the list which is not used and apply the list that you want to use. 
  • This is example I setup for community publisher

First click button plus then choose action for remove list

Note : remove all list exclude community and customer 

  • After that click button plus again and add action apply list, apply just community on customer

  • The last you must add trigger list applied dan save 

  • After setup like this than save status to publish

  • Test checkout publisher that you have setup. Example purchase community subscriptions if must success like image below

  • Then check on contact fluenCRM filter by list it will added new customer after we purchase the publisher