How to clear cache

How to clear cache

  1. Nginx Helper

  • Go to dashboard - settings - nginx helper

  • Choose enable purge and redis cache

  • Then click button save all changes

  • And click button purge entire cache

  1. Redis object Cache

  • Go to dashboard - settings - Redis Object Cache

  • make sure it is checked, then select the save changes button

  • After that select the flush cache button

  1. Wp rocket

  • Go to dashboard - settings - wp rocket

  • Press the clear cache button

  • Press the preload cache button

  • Press the purge opcache button

  1. WP Engine Clear Cache

  • Go to dashboard - WP Engine - General Settings

  • Click purge All Caches

  1. FlyWheel Clear Cache on Server

  • Login to Account FlyWheel Site
  • Navigate to the site's Advanced tab

  • Click the Flush Cache button