Location Search

Perks GD Location Search

How To Install

  • if you don't have the plugin, please download it here and Extract  make sure there is only 1 folder in the zip folder https://github.com/routes/perks_gd_location_search
  • Dashboard - Plugins - Add New - add the perks_gd_location plugin
  • If it's already installed, please check which page is using GD Search and the results will be like this 

It should be like this

Country - France - City - Paris - Search Term - Louvre Museum, Rue de Rivoli, Paris, France

Country - Germany - City - Berlin - Search Term - Brandenburger Tor, Pariser Platz, Berlin, Germany

You can, of course, have more than one city in a country, the country will be duplicated. For 'filing' and sanity purposes you send as many updates as you won't like this. For the record, I prefer just one email chain and end up merging multiple emails on my side to keep things together.

The way to get that search term string is like this

Open google maps

Find the city

Pick a spot in the middle of it

Type in the name of something in that area

Use the autosuggest feature to pick one, with your arrow keys (not mouse)

That will fill the text box with the suggestion

Copy the suggestion and paste in


How to Edit JS, PHP for Perks Location customize Search

  • Go to Geo Directory Dashboard, Click Setting

  • Select Location and Click Cities
  • Then would show up the view like this

  • As an example we will Add the location “Netherlands”
  • Before, we should have plugins if don’t have plugin  click the link below for to get plugin
  • https://github.com/routes/perks_gd_location_search
  • After that open the folder containing the plugin
  • In folder plugin there are file JS and PHP
  • Step one, on the folder plugin edited file JS. Here we use text editor Notepad++

  • Add script as below, then save.

  • Now opened file php, doing same like that.

  • Add script as below, then save.

  • If done, compress the file folder containing js and php

  • Now, add plugins has been compress
  • But If plugins are already available. Can be deactivate first after that Click Add New

  • Upload plugin which has compress then click Instal Now

  • If plugin installed successfully Click Active Plugin

  • Then check the results of plugin has been added on the website that was created