Media Library

Required Plugin

  • wpperks plugin
  • Perks GeoDirectory Media Library 

How To Setup WP Perks GeoDirectory Media Library

  • Install The Plugin
  • License Plugin
  • Go to Dashboard -> Wpperks -> Geodirectory -> Media Library

  • Setup media library that you want to show

  • Click Save Changes
  • After that go to the CPT Listing on the Backend. Make sure the Add Image Button shows on the right side of the page

  • You can add images to the listing using the Media Library

  • If you want to change it via the frontend you can go to /add-listing/ then make sure the Add Images Button is show, Same as above,  you can add an image in the Media Library

  • Images that have been added can be saved as if you were adding images by default which belongs to Geodirectory

  • Make sure the image you insert is saved